Short Bio

  • Feb.'12/Now - Scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) New home page
  • Feb.'11/Feb.'12 - Assistant Professor (Ricercatore TD) at Universita' Roma Tre. Working on web data management and data exchange
  • Feb.'08/Jan.'11 - Post-Doc researcher at Universita' Roma Tre. Worked on large scale information integration from the Web within the Flint project and schema mapping optimization within the +Spicy project.
  • Sept.'07/June'08 - Post-Doc Scholar at University California Santa Cruz: worked on information integration and schema mappings.
  • Feb.'07/Jan.'08 - Post-Doc at Universita' Roma Tre. Designed and implemented GAIA: a system supporting the problem of schema exchange.
  • Sept.'05/March'06 - Visiting IBM Almaden research center, California. Designed and implemented a novel generation engine for the Clio schema mapping tool.
  • Oct.'03/Mar.'07 - Ph.D. student at Universita' Roma Tre in the database group. Designed and implemented Chameleon, a system for generic data translations among different data models (e.g., XML Schema, Relational, DTD, etc).

Recent Activities

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Selected Publications

Data Exchange

  • B. Marnette, G. Mecca, P. Papotti.
    Scalable Data Exchange with Functional Dependencies.
    In VLDB Conference, 2010. (.pdf) (.ppt)
  • G. Mecca, P. Papotti, S. Raunich.
    Core Schema Mappings.
    In SIGMOD Conference, 2009. (.pdf) (.ppt) (tech. report)
  • M.A. Hernandez, P. Papotti, W.C. Tan.
    Data Exchange with Data-Metadata Translations.
    In VLDB Conference, 2008. (.pdf) (.ppt)
  • A. Raffio, D. Braga, S.Ceri, P. Papotti, M.A. Hernandez.
    Clip: a Visual Language for Explicit Schema Mappings.
    In ICDE Conference, 2008. (.pdf)
  • A. Fuxman, M.A.Hernandez, H.Ho, R.J. Miller, P. Papotti, L.Popa.
    Nested Mappings: Schema Mapping Reloaded.
    In VLDB Conference, 2006. (.pdf) (.ppt)

Web Data Extraction and Integration - Flint

  • L.Blanco, M.Bronzi, V.Crescenzi, P.Merialdo, P.Papotti.
    Automatically Building Probabilistic Databases from the Web.
    In WWW Conference - demo track, 2011.
  • L.Blanco, M.Bronzi, V.Crescenzi, P.Merialdo, P.Papotti.
    Redundancy-Driven Web Data Extraction and Integration.
    In WebDB Workshop, 2010. (.pdf)
  • L.Blanco, V.Crescenzi, P.Merialdo, P.Papotti.
    Probabilistic Models to Reconcile Complex Data from Inaccurate Data Sources.
    In CAiSE Conference, 2010. (.pdf)
  • L.Blanco, V.Crescenzi, P.Merialdo, P.Papotti.
    Supporting the Automatic Construction of Entity Aware Search Engines.
    In WIDM Workshop, 2008. (.pdf)

Schema Exchange - GAIA

  • P. Papotti and R. Torlone.
    Schema exchange: Generic mappings for transforming data and metadata.
    In Data & Knowledge Engineering, 2009.
  • P. Papotti and R. Torlone.
    Schema Exchange: A Template-Based Approach to Data and Metadata Translation.
    In ER Conference, 2007. (.pdf)

Data Model Translation - Chameleon

  • P. Papotti and R. Torlone.
    Automatic Generation of Model Translations.
    In CAiSE Conference, 2007. (.pdf)
  • P. Papotti and R. Torlone.
    Heterogeneous Data Translation through XML Conversion.
    Journal of Web Engineering Vol. 4( No. 3): 189-204, 2005.

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